• What inspires Innovating Lab?

    Nothing is more satisfying to us than creating solutions to the challenges of innovating marketing and sales revenue growth using video and online designs.

At Innovating Lab, we know that solving sales and marketing challenges requires more than just a nice web site. It’s a process that goes beyond normal design and marketing sales practices and into the deeper realm of understanding, into what it means to create a better future.

There is great expertise required in designing the technology that supports the engagement and monitization platforms that organizations use to convert sales.  Technology alone isn’t enough, it must be rooted in the mission and vision of the organization and satisfy the customers needs to be educated, inspired and informed.

Looking ahead, our global future is more complex than we can possibly imagine and life is moving faster than ever. Yesterday is over and so is the old game, the new game and new rules haven’t even been written yet.  The timeless question remains. What do you as an organization want to create?

At Innovating Lab we work with organizations with marketing, sales, customer service, management plans, technology platforms, web, brand and design, all the way through production and final execution. We are capable of transforming how you are perceived as an organization in the world from the heart of your passionate vision, out into the vastness of social media.


  • Business & Marketing Plans
  • Customer Service Management Plans
  • Process Mapping
  • Whole Systems Design
  • Research, Trends and Futures Planning


  • Technology Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching


  • Brand Audit
  • Name & Tagline Development
  • Wordmark & Icon Development
  • Product Development

Content Creation

  • Digital Video Production, Directing and Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Copy writing

Design & Development

  • Responsive WordPress Website Development
  • Membership Sites & IP Monetization
  • Publishing & Packaging Design
  • Illustrations & Presentations


  • Marketing Automation Implementation
  • Email Campaign Implementation
  • Social Campaign Implementation
  • Event Marketing & Promotions
  • How does the Innovating Lab process work?

    All brands need to tell a great story, we start by looking at the end of the story you want to tell and find out who your audience is and what the finished product needs to accomplish.

customer service management plan business process

We work together in collaboration with you, your organization and team, with our team, to take the correct steps to get you where you need to go. In alignment with the authenticity and values of your personal, professional and organizational standards.

We help you create a customized video productions, marketing sales strategies using the cloud computing technology, customer service management plans, automation systems, email and social media channels to help you better communicate successfully with your audience, by conveying your messages as effectively and meaningfully as possible.


It takes investment to grow successfully. We are an investment, not an expense.


Determining the outcomes and engaging in new ways of creating a better future.

Marketing and Strategy

Creating customer service management plans that support effective thought leadership business process.


Elegantly designing brands and stories that support inspiring Thought leadership.


Project management, web development and technology beautifully orchestrated.

Testing, Review and Next Steps

Completing and refining project phases with ongoing focus on monetized results.

  • Our Clients

    Our clients are creative Entrepreneurs who work together with us in strategic partnership to invest, plan, create and implement systems and productions that support better business communications and a brighter future for their stakeholders.

customer service management plan

Our Ideal Clients

Our ideal clients are culturally creative Entrepreneurs who work together with us in strategic partnership to invest, plan, create and implement systems and processes that create better businesses and a better future for their customers.

  • Thought Leaders & Authors blowing up their niche
  • Coaches who want to reach a broader audience and monetize
  • Teachers, Speakers outgrowing the low end
  • B2B and B2C education businesses automating their marketing
  • Non-Profits and Organizations who want more members

We support our clients by innovating marketing sales with them in strategic partnership.

  • We coach you to find out what you really need and help you make it happen
  • We help you set up your systems and provide on-going support and services
  • We have a variety of service levels that can be adjusted as needed
  • We make sure that you get the most out of your investment
  • Together we help you achieve exponential triple bottom-line results

Innovating Lab is your partner in creating a more successful business and reach your audience.

Contact us today using the form on our contact page so we can help you succeed.