“It’s one thing to buy a race car,
it’s another to hire a team to help you win the Grand Prix with you.”
We hired Innovating Marketing to help us close more deals than we were closing.
It was near the end of the Infusionsoft in-house kick start package we knew that it wasn’t enough
to really be effective, we realized we needed more help with strategy, copy and implementation,
because frankly we don’t have the time or expertise to really make it do what it is capable of.

We called Daniel (who picked up the phone right away-unlike others I tried!)
who came into our office and did an extensive discovery analysis with his team and found places
In our sales and marketing process that needed improvement and support.

We even learned a few things about our business that we weren’t aware from having
The expertise and perspective that you can only get from fresh eyes an expertise in this area.

They created tags, templates and sequences and create tons of beautiful emails
that were copy-written to engage our clients and help me close deals using automated sequences.

Basically we provided initial information, some input and double checked things but they did the rest!!

We are now going to do another phase of development with Innovating Marketing
doing API integration with our scheduling program so that the entire Infusionsoft system
is seamlessly tied into our daily operations.

This way our scheduler won’t have to do any extra work to have sophisticated, segmented pipelines
Of sequenced emails and actions deliver relevant content and powerful messages to our clients.
Increasing our sales and creating happier customers and more referrals.

Anyone not having people like Innovating Marketing help them with their
Infusionsoft strategy and implementation are missing out on opportunities
And revenue that they could be making by taking advantage of the rewards
you get when you “invest” in your investment!

Thanks guys!

MARK BELOTZ – Contractor

“They helped me take the pain out of trying to figure out all the pieces,
created multiple revenue streams in a mapped proactive way,
that were fully automated, leaving nothing to chance.”

Innovating Marketing brought my long dormant business back to life with rapid and stunning success. They are incredibly insightful.
They understand the digital and online world and how to use it better than anyone I have ever dealt with.
They have original and, most importantly, effective ideas and knows how to tailor therm to unique businesses.

I give them the highest recommendation. The results from there assistance were truly awesome.

JONATHAN MILLER – Hollywood Producer


“We tripled our revenue in one year with a relatively small financial investment.”
What I can say about Innovating Marketing is that they are excellent at getting
to the bottom of business processes and making them flow better.
I had been spending too much time and energy,
not converting my conversations into profit.
In the months we’ve been working together,
I have discovered new revenue streams that I didn’t know I had.

The best part is that they are all in alignment
with what I am already doing in my business,
so it’s not that difficult, but I needed there expertise
to figure out and execute.

I have a new online business strategy and
am taking action to build additional revenue streams
from my client base in a carefully thought out,
well planned, automatic way.

There are so many cool things that can be done
to play a bigger better game and I am going to do them
with the help of Innovating Marketing.

I am looking forward to the results and profit!

BRUCE SERBIN – Public Relations and Media Strategist

“The value and power are in the implementation and strategy.”
Working with Daniel has been great!
I already had a pretty “good” understanding of Infusionsoft.
Daniel has taken my level of expertise to a whole new level.
He has really opened my eyes on how to maximize the power of Infusionsoft!
He is adding great value to my business and I know that through
his coaching we will be able to use Infusionsoft to be more effective, efficient and profitable.
He is a skilled communicator and good teacher, always on time for our meeting
and answers my questions thoroughly.It has been extremely beneficial working with him
and I look forward to seeing the results of our work in action.
I would highly recommend working with him to anyone!
He knows Infusionsoft inside and out and is not only a great teacher
but also a skilled marketer, so everything we do is from
a sales and marketing perspective.
ERIC FREY – Marketing Consultant

“It’s a totally new way of thinking about marketing and business.

I’ve worked with Daniel for a couple of months now, and what has stood out for me is his focus on the big picture,
on business strategy to generate new ideas, and on maintaining the right energy level which the probably the most critical part.

I had a bad experience with one of the other Infusionsoft consultants,
they have a process and wanted to have me use that process whether it made sense for my business or not.

Working wth Daniel, I appreciate the flexibility of his apporach.
I’ve started to get organized with step by step implementaiton help, as well as discuss high level business strategy.
This ablty to focus on details and business strategy is pretty unique.

I would highly recommend his services.

KARAN – Business Coach