Doing What You Love

Check out this great presentation by Sean McCabe where he explains the importance of “Doing What You Love”. Continue reading →

Listening to Your Inner Voice Makes You a Better Manager

Some of the best advice we have all got — be it while making big personal decisions or making critical business decisions — is the same: Follow your inner voice. Most of us have heeded that counsel, yet if we were asked to list the elements that

Be Selfish. Be Very Selfish.

Here is a leadership lesson: Be selfish. Be very selfish. For this message to be an effective leadership tip, we need to understand what selfishness is. Selfishness is typically defined as “concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself.” If someo

How Do We Get More Latinos Into Leadership Roles? – ABC News

ABC News How Do We Get More Latinos Into Leadership Roles?  A group of Hispanic leaders wants to change that. Several hundred business leaders and innovators — mostly from the Bay Area but some from as far away as Washington, D.C. — gathered o

Change the World and Get to Bed by 10:00

Let’s say you believed deeply in the importance of sleep health, and you wanted to start a movement to change people’s attitudes and behavior. Maybe, like Arianna Huffington, it’s a personal crisis that convinces you. Or maybe it’s a key piece of res

What Is Authentic Leadership?

What is authentic leadership?

Lead up

What you were trained to do: wait for a good, generous, munificent, tasteful, smart boss or client to tell you what to do. If that doesn’t happen, blame the system, blame the boss, blame the client. If the work is