Whole Foods’ Misguided Play for Millennials

No single age group needs its own supermarket.

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How a Podcast Is Born [Infographic]

To borrow a phrase from LL Cool J’s immortal poetry, “Don’t call it a comeback …” Podcasting has been around for years. Unless you’ve been unconscious for the last year, however, you may have noticed the podcast contagion that’s connecting a growing number of headphone wearers with educational, specialized, and entertaining on-demand audio content at

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YouTube “How To” Video Searches Up 70%, With Over 100 Million Hours Watched In 2015

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How to Find Unique Topic Sources for Your Content

When setting up a blog or a site, one of the most important things you need to focus on is publishing high-quality and unique topic. However, whereas writing a good blog is one way, finding a different angle to a topic that has been done to death arguably holds more value. What you want is […]
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The Chief Innovation Officer: Mastering Influence and Building a Cross-Functional Coalition

Companies with innovation engines that outperform their competitors understand that meaningful solutions develop horizontally across vertical reporting structures and require a cross-functional mindset. For a Chief Innovation Officer, developing this mindset requires the establishment of horizontal reporting, rewards and incentives. Continue reading

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The 22 most memorable quotes from the new Elon Musk book, ranked

For anyone interested in technology, entrepreneurship or the price of greatness, Ashlee Vance’s new book, “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,” is a tremendous look into arguably the world’s most important entrepreneur. Vance paints an unforgettable picture of Musk’s unique personality, insatiable drive and ability to thrive through hardship. The […]

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4 Ways to Access Your Creative Genius

If you’re constantly feeling blocked from your inner creativity, here are ways to help unleash your imagination.
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Millennials Become the Biggest Generation in the U.S. Workforce – Real Time Economics – WSJ

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Green tea extract slows down Alzheimer’s in mice

When combined with exercise, a compound in green tea appears to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in mice and … Continued

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Stop Treating Pinterest Like a Social Media Platform

Pinterest is one part social, one part search, and two parts inspiration, making it a completely unique platform. If you continue to treat Pinterest like Facebook and Twitter, you’re making a huge mistake. Keep reading to learn why.
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